Your health. Your life. Firmly in your control.

The future of preventive medicine, on smart autopilot.

Built to create
a healthier world

with longer lifespans
and inclusive
clinical screenings.

The Livez story

The world’s chronic disease rate is rising rapidly.

This is largely due to a reactive approach to healthcare, where people tend to seek treatment rather than focusing on timely prevention.

In response, we created Livez.

A platform that merges AI technology with top-level expertise from behavioral scientists, medical protocols and in-house doctors.

Future of Health



“By 2030, healthcare will be centered on patients empowered to prevent diseases rather than seek treatment.

They will receive personalized health solutions in ways that are integrated seamlessly into their daily lives. All of this will be enabled by data and algorithms.”

We know that lives are precious.

Livez gives everyone – regardless of health status, age, location or lifestyle – an automated, personalized platform to prevent disease before symptoms even appear. Over entire lifespans.

Created for urgent change that matters.

What matters to us

The certainty of science

Scientific methodology and practice is infused into everything we do.

The power of technology

AI technology and personalized preventive medicine is the future for all of us.

The importance of trust

We align with government and health body guidelines, including CDC, the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society.

The value of purpose

Our mission is to create a healthier world for everyone. And that’s our driving force.

Our leadership

Inbal Tirosh

CEO & Co-Founder

Adi Mor Barak

CTO & Co-Founder

Shelby Kirk

EVP, Head of Sales

Samuel Peik, MD

Medical Director

Ran Laron

Head of Engineering

Or Garfunkel

Head of Product

Anat Saad

Head of Design

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